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DS-CEMSP 9th International Conference “Women and Music in the Early Modern Age”, Queluz National Palace, 2-4 July 2021

Organization: Divino Sospiro – Centro de Estudos Musicais Setecentistas de Portugal
Scientific Committee:
Cristina Fernandes, Giuseppina Raggi, Iskrena Yordanova,
Ricardo Bernardes, José Camões, Francesco Cotticelli, Paologiovanni Maione

The 9th international conference at the Queluz National Palace organized by DS-CEMSP aims to investigate the role of women in the musical and theatrical worlds of the early modern age, with special reference to the 17th and 18th centuries.
Theatrical practices favoured opportunities and emancipation processes which played significant roles in the imagery of and the stage production themselves. It is equally important to mention the patronage and the encouragement given to the performing arts by female sovereigns and nobles, who intended to promote the dialogue and the reflection between different contexts. Differences can be found in the educational methods, distinctions amid theory and practice or between the amateur and the professional milieu, yet they often merged to produce events destined to leave their mark on history.
The conference promotes research into the careers of women as impresarios, singers, actresses, composers, no matter how resounding their activity was in their heydays. Emphasis is also placed on their travels, contacts, and repertoires, and on the strategies adopted by female patronage in order to support the organization (and the memory) of theatrical and musical events throughout the continent.

The programme is available here.