Cerca e premi Invio

“Skenè. Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies” 8.2 Issue (Fall 2022): “Nutrix”, edited by Rosy Colombo

Skenè. JTDS invites submissions for a monographic section on wet nurses in drama from antiquity to the present (8.2 issue, Fall 2022). The monographic section will be guest-edited by Prof. Rosy Colombo (Sapienza University of Rome).
Please send by 1 April 2022 a 300-word abstract and a 150-word bio-biblio to the managing editors: valentinaadami@skeneproject.it and emanuelstelzer@skeneproject.it.
Proposals will be selected by Prof. Colombo. The submission of successful proposals (7,000–9,000 words) will then be expected by 1 June 2022 and will be peer-reviewed.  

For general information, click here: https://skenejournal.skeneproject.it/index.php/JTDS

For information on how to submit your proposal, click here: https://skenejournal.skeneproject.it/index.php/JTDS/information/authors