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Convegno internazionale “Performing Space 2024” – Nafplio, dal 3 al 6 luglio 2024

Il Convegno Internazionale “Performing Space 2024” si terrà a Nafplio, in Grecia, dal 3 al 6 luglio. Oltre a interventi di studio e ricerca con nomi illustri (tra cui anche Jon McKenzie), l’iniziativa prevede numerosi workshop che combinano discipline a cavallo tra teatro, architettura e scienze cognitive. 

Performing Space is a project that aims to highlight the importance of the corporeality and physicality of space and the interaction of our bodies and their actions with it as the only possibility for human life and development. Since 2022, Performing Space has been organising an annual international conferenceand workshop to coherently present and promote numerous studies and works on performance and space from different disciplines, while experimenting with performance in significant spaces in the history of the development of the built environment.

On 3, 4, 5 and 6 July 2024, the third edition of the Performing Space, Conference and Workshops, organised by the Department of Theatre Studies in collaboration with the Department of Performing and Digital Arts  of the University of the Peloponnese, will take place once again at the Park Hotel, Nafplio (Greece). Researchers, students, artists and professionals will present their work at this exceptional event, which will also include four different workshops and various performative events. Attendance to the conference and the presentation of the results of the workshops will be free of charge.

For more information: info@performingspace.org | performingspace.org